Jerusalem 4-Secrets Tour



  • Exclusive spiritual soul augmented tour of Jerusalem.
  • 3 hours in the Old City.
  • King David as your personal guide.
  • Visit 4 Sites.
  • Discover 4 Secrets about Your Soul.


What is your personal connection to Jerusalem?

During this 3 hour-tour you will explore Jerusalem with King David himself, in a Soul-Augmented Tour.

What is a Soul-Augmented Tour? That is a great question!

In a fact it is a totally new, fresh exciting way of Touring Israel.  It combines professional guided site-seeing, quality accommodations and transportation with a singular new approach of the Universal aspects of Torah- the Jewish Bible – and it’s of the hidden secrets.
This concept was developed by our Team:  Jerusalem InSight Tours inc.

So you will be visiting the historical sites and get the revelation of the hidden connections to the root-properties of your soul.

In this way you will be not only touring Israel, you will be touring your own soul!

In order to achieve this unifying adventure of your tour in Israel we will play a game, during which you will get a color card for every site you visit with a opening question which will allow you to integrate in understanding that 30 minute visit to a holy site of Jerusalem.

  1. Mount Zion – Secret of Balance,
  2. Golden Menorah – Secret of Foundation in Relationships,
  3. Cardo – Secret of Self-Transformation
  4. The Western Wall – Secret of Self Confidence.

Available Languages for the Tour: English.
Available Languages for the Conferences: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.



  • 09:00 – Opening Conference & Movie at the King David Visitors Center on Mount Zion.
  • 09:35 – Touring of Mount Zion and  King David’s historical Site.
  • 10:00 – Visit to the Golden Menorah
  • 10:30 – Visit to the Cardo.
  • 11:00 – Visit to the Western Wall.
  • 12:00 – Back to the King David Visitors Center.



  • Beginning with a mini-conference on the Tour at the King David Visitors Center on Mount Zion.
  • Explore Mount Zion, the story of King David and discover the Secret of Balance and Justice.
  • Enter the Old City of Jerusalem through the Gate of Zion and walk with King David to the Golden Menorah to discover the Secret reason of why G-d brings the world into existence at every moment.
  • Walk through the Jewish Quarter, visiting the Byzantine Cardo, discover it’s history and the Jewish secret of success and eternity.
  • Observe the panoramic view of the Old City of Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives, with a clear sight of the Temple Mount where the Third Temple is about to be built once more.
  • Walk to the Western Wall, the place from where the world started, the first man was created, Abraham, the first Jew uplifted his son Isaac and Noah brought the offering to G-d after he settled from the flood.
  • Discover there the secret of Faith, confidence and Self-transformation.
  • Walk back from the western wall to King David’s Site and get refreshed.



  • No refunds will be provided for no-shows or cancellations on the day of travel.
  • Cancellations are accepted 48 hours or more before tour begins.
  • Cancellations will incur a 4% commission fee if booked by credit card or Paypal.


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The Jerusalem-Soul Parallel Tour Map



Site 1

King David’s Resting Site

Discover the Secret of King David’s Messianic Power of Balance and Justice. 

Site 2

Golden Menorah

Learn about the Secret of the Truth of Self-fulfillment in relationship and perceiving Divine Providence.

Site 3


Visit the ancient roman market and learn about the original Jewish belief in the One G-d. 

Site 4

Western Wall

Visit the most sacred place in the planet and experience the ultimate leap of Faith.

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